Joan Rivers, Brangelina, Tan Suit & #indiemusic


Mike will be combining great entertainment & life talk with bangin’ indie music. He’s talking Joan Rivers, Mark Fuhrman speaking on the Michael Brown shooting, Suge Knight & even a couple of health tips. That’s not all! He’s spinning March Into Paris, X-Phaze, Elle Gie & more! This is an episode that the entire family can enjoy.

Top 25 Most Requested Of 2013! [From The L.I.O.N. Archives]


Happy New Year from the #teamLIONshow!!! On this special episode, Michael will count down the most requested songs of the entire year. Who will have the most votes/requests? Will it be X-Phaze? Dedfre$h? Elle Gie? Jpilla? You must join Michael to find out who will own the crown of Like It Or Not & Smack tongue Radio as the top hit of 2013!!! You know how we do! Show some support & spread the word! This is pulled from the Like It Or Not Archives.

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