Bergdahl, Ted Cruz & More Conservative Talk


It’s been a while since Michael brought his brand of harsh & honest Conservative talk. In this installment, he will explain why he feels the desertion charges against Bowe Bergdahl hurts President Obama & his minions more than the man charged with the crime. He will also express why the Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in winning. And if that’s not enough, he will tell you why he feels the mess in Ferguson is equivalent to Blacks voting for Democrats. You do NOT want to miss this!

DJ Guilly, Huniie, Nebz Supreme & More #indiemusic


Michael is bringing some new, old & latest indie gems. From Christian to Rock, Mike is hitting your musical taste buds with Huniie, Beetham, Nebz Supreme, Substance Abuse & much more! MUSIC THE ENTIRE FAMILY CAN ENJOY!!!

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